Grand Innovations Community

We are a collective of creators, entrepreneurs and businesses that choose to challenge the convention of traditional growth

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In collaboration

Grand Innovations is a communal workspace that empowers everybody to do great things. Located in the heart of Cambridge with 26,000 square feet to offer, there’s room for anybody and everybody; businesses, charities, non-profits, and individuals are all welcome.  The workspace hosts the first social impact collective, bridging the gap between people who want to work together in order to accomplish more.


Born from a collective of founders tired of wasting resources on unused subscriptions, short term contractors and services to do business well.

Sharing as Currency

Collect, contribute and create processes and services that help build the community. Sharing is the heart beat of our collective.

Free To Join

Your success is our success, that’s why we give you the option to join for no cost, and opt into services only where you see fit.

Pay for What You Use

Benefit from the user base of over 1000 members, by taking advantage of a diverse library of assets that are available at a fraction of their market cost.

No Barrier to Entry

We believe that everyone can provide perspective and value. Join as a member for free and experience the collective for yourself, no charge, no drawn out process.

Build Your Network

Take advantage of the pre-vetted, qualified, network of founders, businesses and services all at the tip of your fingers. Empower your growth by utilizing the skills and expertise of others.

Overcome Your Hurdles

Use your newly found network and solutions to implement into your business. Once you've created your impact, contribute back your solution & empower the community by sharing your successes & learnings.

Interested in joining our collective?

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A collective of creators, founders, businesses & services that exist to
empower one another.
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