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A non traditional Web 3.0 startup working to make a difference in the world. Dedicated to using technology to bring about change, we create connection through software, media, and linking organizations.

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Exploring for progress

Founded in 2016, is an innovative and pioneering organization that is redefining the boundaries of physical, digital and social spaces. Our four core divisions build the foundations that enable creators and brands to thrive in a Web 3.0 world.

‍Were a dedicated team of seasoned entrepreneurs and leaders in augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain, and award-winning 3D artists and curators. Talk to us about how we can help you succeed


Web 3.0 Innovation

Take advantage of the pre-vetted, qualified, network of founders, businesses and services all at the tip of your fingers. Empower your growth by utilizing the skills and expertise of others.

We support authentic artists, creators and musicians, the organizations who serve them, as well as their clients and consumers in navigating through the monetization, copyright and licensing of their creations as we transition to a Web 3.0 world.

Viral 360

We automate the viral spread of content using organic sharing for your Web 3.0 projects.


We match and secure our partner organizations with funding streams and private investment partners.


The first ever interactive NFT sci-fi film experience. Unique, high fashion AIs hand painted by talented artists.


Youth mobility agency using AI automated software to connect companies to new hires for the world of Web 3.0.

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Dedicated to using technology to bring about change.
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