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Uprise Impact

Uprise is a small non traditional startup,  working to make a difference in the world. We create connection through software, media, and linking organizations.

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Exploring for progress

Uprise collective is partnered with a few organizations. We are also building software to spread messages!
Please watch our video for an example of the type of community we are trying to create.

Sharing resources, skills and talent is the next wave of innovation. We focus on eliminating waste and increasing progress

Sharing as Currency

Collect, contribute and create processes and services that help build the community. Sharing is the heart beat of our collective.

Free To Join

Your success is our success, that’s why we give you the option to join for no cost, and opt into services only where you see fit.

Not for profit

We are not a registered charity but
operate with a not for profit mentality.

No Barrier to Entry

As much as possible we will operate on a free to try model! Especially with non service based assets. If you receive value and want to engage further with specializations there will be more options to contribute.

Build Your Network

Take advantage of the pre-vetted, qualified, network of founders, businesses and services all at the tip of your fingers. Empower your growth by utilizing the skills and expertise of others.

Overcome Your Hurdles

Use your newly found network and solutions to implement into your business. Once you've created your impact, contribute back your solution & empower the community by sharing your successes & learnings.

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A not for profit startup! Dedicated to using technology to bring about change!
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Virality, now accessible to everyone
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